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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Your Alternative to the Fargo Forum: Linda Coates Should Resign from Office Today

I in no way know Linda Coates, nor do I care to meet her. I am a regular guy who works from about 7am to 6pm at my blue-collar business. After work I sometimes like to go to the bar to meet some friends and have a beer or two. I do not smoke, but in no way am going to hold that against someone who could possibly have a chemical addiciton to the product or just plain would like to enjoy a legal product. Coates is quick to play the Public Health Card, yet she gets to choose which items of public health she will discriminate against. Coates has demonstrated how she can promote and enforce discrimination with her leadership position. She has singled out just smokers, not fast food restaurants, not pesticide companies and not steel companies. This is actually the definition of someone with racist behavior.

She also, apparently, has been visited from Moses himself with a couple of tablets, it is too bad she kicked him off public grounds. What she failed to see about these tablets is that they are in no way religious - they are Hollywood memorabilia.

She has displayed she has no idea how the government works by holding "secret meetings" with a majority of our council. Even when it was pointed out to her, thanks to The High Plains Reader's investigative article, she continued with the meeting. It is has to be her way, behavior of a spoiled brat. After she was able to railroad her wet house location through, she displayed how she has no idea how to work the numbers - coming up hundreds of thousands of dollars short from the estimate. Nor does she care about the voice of the people of Fargo, just certain people who may or may not live in Fargo.

I think it is about time she steps down from office or discloses her hidden agenda. And if I am wrong about her hidden agenda, then she is just a dim-witted, uneducated politician who uses bully tactics to get what she wants. She will tell you I am wrong, just ask her. But her actions should speak much louder than her words.
I believe her track record will speak for itself, and please notice I do not object to any of her policies, just her "my way or the highway" b*#%* attitude.

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