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Monday, October 1, 2007

Your Alternative to the Fargo Forum: Nothing New Under the Sun

Your Alternative to the Fargo Forum
All societies have believed there own crap. Thought that they had it all figured out. One thing they fail to get is that nothing changes. On average every hundred years or so give or take five to ten everyone here on the planet is dead, and gone. In other words no matter how old the person when you read this every one alive from that point on should be gone in no more than a hundred years. Simple enough until you really think that is about 5.2 billion people recycled every hundred years. And 90% of them thinking that they are the ones that will make something different. Without paying attention to the why and how the ones before have failed. I don't want you the reader to believe that I am trying to project a pessimistic tone. I don't believe in it. The whole idea that you have to be pessimist to be a skeptic is wrong. You just need to not be afraid of what you find. Now I know what most are thinking the Internet, space travel, nano technology to name a few these things are new. People in the past used to know some thing, but not understand it; we I believe understand more but know less. An example of this is in ancient Persia a remedy for rheumatism in you legs was to stand on a special fish. Today we know that the fish had a electric charge and the problem was arthritis. I have no fish nor do have health insurance. What I want a person to think about is who's life was more convenient? All we have done is created a codependency on our great new stuff. Fire, soap, and Penicillin have saved more lives that anything Pfizer has come up with. In other words a Roman had running water, wood and oil delivered to there home for heat and light, and an abundance of food (( all on the backs of the weak) this is for the democrats/pessimists). I have to work my ass off for food with preservatives, toys with lead paint, overpriced electricity all while paying huge amounts of interest on borrowed money.

The only thing the future hold is more pain unless we learn from the past. Soon we will forget all of the things that have been figured out and be in caves again clubbing women to breed and wondering why raw chicken (squawky birds) make us sick.

"Life is a garden dig it"
By: Joe Dirt. "Peace" Manowar

Fargo Phantom

Your Alternative to the Fargo Forum
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The Fargo Phantom, Your Alternative to the Fargo Forum

The Fargo Phantom, Your Alternative to the Fargo Forum
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