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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


By: The Downtown Duster

Monday, Sept 10, is the first showing in the Fargo Theatre/NDSU Fine Arts film series. The first Monday of every month through April the Fargo Theatre will show a film supplied by the NDSU Arts Department. One showing only, at 7 PM. This month's offering is "The Wonder Boys," a comedy about a hectic weekend in the life of a College Professor. Sound Boring? I doubt it. Michael Douglas is the Professor, Tobey McGuire one of his students, Frances McDermond the Chancellor of his University and another role played by Robert Downey Jr. How can this go wrong? This not the first year of this series, but I think it an important addition to the Fargo-Moorhead community. Most cities of quality have significant arts and sciences establishments. Faro already has the Red River Zoo, the Fargo Theatre complete with the Fargo Film Festival and several other events and the Great Plains Art Institute. Most cities of quality living also have partnerships with their Universitys that transcend athletics. Getting off the plane in Minneapolis, I see lots of informational panels about different U of M programs(none of them athletic, incidentally). If anyone remembers the Mary Tyler Moore show, it was clear the important part the "U" plays is Twin City life. For some time NDSU has been moving in the direction of becoming a true University(not that there was anything with the Science and Engineering they've been known for for quite some time) that is a vibrant part of the community. The previously non-existent arts department has first class faculty and the the College of Arts and Humanities a visionary Dean, so I hope this type of activity continues to expand.

Now, if we could just get the NDSU admninistration to think the NDSU Arts series , at Festival Hall, is just as important as, say, woman's JV volleyball, ..

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